Tips on Choosing a Portable Massage Chair

17 Mar

Portable massage chairs have become very popular among massage therapists over the last three decades due to their convenience and the ability to help the therapist to take their office any place they want. There are many kinds of portable massage chairs in the market but not all of them are the right quality. Apart from the convenience that comes with having a portable massage chair, there is also the fact that the option of having a portable massage chair is cheaper compared to having a brick and motor massage parlor. A portable massage chair also enables the client to get a massage without leaving the comfort of their home.

A massage chair needs to have various parts. A good portable massage chair has a face cradle. A face cradle enables the masseuse to immobilize the client in a position that is comfortable to the client. A good face cradle has to be well padded so that it does not irritate the face of the client and allows them to see through the cradle to the other side. The main aim of a massage is to relax the client and the face cradle is an excellent part in ensuring that the client is as comfortable as possible.

The other important thing is to consider the level of padding the chair has. Although a portable massage chair does not place the client in a comfortable posture. The best portable chairs have a lot of padding by using memory foam technology that has been built into the padding to provide extra comfort and make the massage chair durable.

Armrests are another key part of getting a good massage chair. The best portable massage chairs have armrests positioned in front of the face cradle so that the client has a convenient place to place their arms while they get a massage.

Aside from having armrest the chair needs to have well-padded areas so that clients can rest their legs. When one is seated in a portable massage chair they will adopt a kneeling position and if the client is kneeling on a padding that has little padding then this can make the massage a difficult experience instead of a relaxing activity. Thus it is integral to ensure that the massage chair has adequate padding on the leg rest area to ensure that the client gets the best experience during the massage session.

So make sure that you keep these things in mind during your search for the best neck and shoulder massager, or foot and leg massager. In addition to that, here is another helpful post that you should also read,

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